Rawk Report: The Blue Stones Wow the Wolf Den

The Blue Stones singer Tarek Jafar belting out the tunes at the Wolf Den. (photo by Mike Augusti)

UNCASVILLE, CT – Hailing from Ontario, Canada, The Blue Stones rocked the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun last Thursday night with a full set and a high energy show.  A light turnout didn’t stop the band from having a great time and those who did show were in for a treat!

The Blue Stones consist of vocalist/guitarist Tarek Jafar and drummer Justin Tessier.  Just two members make some amazing music.  Referred to as a blues rock band, The Blue Stones are way too diverse to be called blues rock.  Adding other musical genres of the mix, Tarek and Justin are a powerhouse duo making some great music.

Black Holes, the debut record from The Blue Stones was released on October 26th to some solid reviews.  It also made up most of the set list for the show.  The band opened up with the rocking The Drop to set the tone for the night.

Drummer Justin Tessier pounding out the beat at Mohegan Sun’s Wolf Den. (Photo by Mike Augusti)

Be My Fire, one of three singles released from Black Holes, came next and further proved how solid this band truly is.  Lead singer Tarek introduced the next song as a cover and mentioned it from another band with Stones in the name.  An amazing cover of The Rolling Stones Satisfaction kept the fans nodding their heads with approval.

The Blue Stones kept rocking and included their debut single Black Holes(Solid Ground). The song Black Holes has been widely played on rock radio and provided a foundation for the band to jump on some tours to get their word out.

Drummer Justin Tessier kicked off the next song by stating “if anyone knows this song from our first EP I want to talk to you over at the merchandise booth later.  That tune was Vain Vixens.  Their EP released in 2011 is pretty hard to come by, but I am guessing will be readily available as The Blue Stones popularity rises.

Some other highlights included Patience, Yes Man and a nod to singer Tarek’s younger brother rightly title called Little Brother.

The band closed the show with Lay, Magic and their third single Rolling with the Punches.  A brief break had them come back out for the encore with Criminals.

Keep an ear out for The Blue Stones and an eye out for the next time they come to the area.  Worth every effort to go see what two people can accomplish with live music and a booming sound.

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