Southwick selects reserve officers

SOUTHWICK – The Board of Selectmen this week selected David Massai and Kyle Sanders as reserve police officers by a vote of two to one.
Selectmen Arthur Pinell and Russell Fox both voted in favor of the men, while Selectwoman Tracy Cesan recommended Alex Sanchez and Adam Szymanski, who she said were also recommended by Police Chief Mark Krynicki.
“I think they are the most qualified and did really well at the interviews, and they were recommended by the chief,” Cesan said.
Fox said while he believed all seven candidates were well qualified, he views the position as a good training opportunity and believed Massai and Sanders were a good fit for the department.
Pinell said he agreed with Fox and after 17 years in town government, he had what he called “a gut feeling” about Sanders and Massai.
Pinell commented on the two men’s sense of community and said he was considering the department as a whole when he made his decision.
The board then unanimously approved keeping the remaining five candidates in an open pool of reserves because Krynicki indicated last week that another position could open soon.
Massai is a town resident raising a young family here. He graduated from the reserve police academy and received field sobriety training and radar certification. Sanders is also a graduate of the reserve academy and received field sobriety training. He has been a member of the West Springfield Special Police Force for a year.

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