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Russell COA members hike Mt. Greylock

Front row: Kathleen Peterson, Russell COA’s new event planner, Barbara Geuyer, Carole Burke, Lucy Garlo, Gary Bowers. Back row: Catherine Moran, Dennis Moran, Kerry and Kathy Bowers. (Photo submitted)

A beautiful fall day greeted this intrepid group of Russell COA hikers at the top of Mt Greylock in Adams, (The highest point in Massachusetts). They enjoyed lunch at Bascom Lodge, overlooking the Berkshire Mountains.  A few of the group made the trek to the top of the Greylock Monument. They were enchanted by a group of three adventurous young men from South Carolina who were through hikers on the Appalachian Trail. They hoped to arrive in Georgia by New Year’s Day. Good luck to Dozer, Strong Hammer, Funyuns.

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