Sanitary sewer project update

WESTFIELD – On Friday the City issued the following update on the sanitary sewer expansion project in the Ridgecrest Neighborhood of Gary Drive area.

GEG Construction out of Springfield is the on-site contractor, with Tighe & Bond as Resident Engineer Inspector and R Levesque Associates as Engineer of Record.

The crews will be on site lining and drawing out work areas.  Friday (10/6) will see mobilization of crews and equipment and saw cutting of pavement.  Monday, Columbus Day is an observed holiday with no work onsite that day.

Tuesday (10/10), mobilization and saw cutting will continue, and delivery of sanitary manhole and pipe will occur.  Wednesday (10/11) and Thursday (10/12) will see test pits being dug to determine the geology and the water table for the particular site and installation of sanitary manhole.

Questions or concerns may be made to the City of Westfield Engineering Department at (413) 572-6219.

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