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School project outreach initiative launched

WESTFIELD – The Community Outreach Subcommittee, established by the School Building Committee to inform residents of issues related to the proposed Elementary School construction project, was launched last week with an organization session.
School Committeewoman Cindy Sullivan was chosen to be the chairwoman of the outreach panel, while Ward 2 City Councilor James E. Brown Jr., in whose ward the school will be constructed, was selected by the members to serve as vice chairman.
School Committee Vice Chairman Kevin Sullivan said this morning that the Community Outreach Subcommittee is “charged with rolling out information” as the building project development continues.
“That subcommittee was established to make sure the public involved as we move forward, letting people know when and where the (School Building) Committee and subcommittees meetings are being held, making sure people have access,” Sullivan said.
The School Building Committee is comprised of 10 voting members and 27 non-voting members. Massachusetts School Building Authority identifies specific city officials who serve as a voting member, while the non-voting members were selected for their expertise in various fields with the intent to participate in the subcommittee process and interact with the project manager and architect. Only members of the School Building Committee can be appointed to the subcommittees.
The 10 voting members are Mayor Daniel M. Knapik, School Committee member Kevin Sullivan, School Superintendent Suzanne Scallion, Building Superintendent Jonathan Flagg, Law Department supervisor Susan Phillips, Purchasing Director Tammy Tefft, School Department Chief Financial Officer John Kane, Franklin Avenue School Principal Leslie Clark-Yvon, Abner Gibbs School Principal Maggie Adams and Ward 2 City Councilor James E. Brown Jr.
The Community Outreach Subcommittee includes Cindy Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan, Nancy Amanti, Leslie Clark-Yvon, William Duval, James E. Brown Jr., Frances St. Peter and Vera Dunley.
The subcommittee met Wednesday, January 11, with the city’s project manager, Skanska USA Building Inc., an international firm with local offices in Springfield, to discuss the website established to provide public access on the $36 million, 96,000-square-foot building project.
“We wanted to make sure we’re all on the same page. To discuss how the website will be used so people have access,” Sullivan said. “We want a consistent resource for people, to ensure that the website is updated daily.”

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