Senate OKs bill to overhaul foreclosure laws

BOSTON  — The Massachusetts Senate has unanimously approved a bill that would restore the titles of foreclosed properties to homeowners.
Senate leaders said the measure was approved Thursday after thousands of foreclosure sales in Massachusetts were determined to be void as the result of recent state Supreme Judicial Court decisions.
Senate President Therese Murray said some residents are without a clear title to their home because of potential procedural errors that took place years ago.
The Plymouth Democrat said restoring the titles will help support a healthy real estate market.
Attorney General Martha Coakley said the bill is intended to provide predictability for property owners and additional consumer protections to those whose property may have been wrongfully foreclosed on.
State Sen. Donald F. Humason (R-Westfield) supported the bill.
“It’s a corrective measure and it protects homeowners and home buyers,” Humason said. “After the last real estate bu8bble burst in 2008 a lot of houses were foreclosed. People would buy them and find out later on that some Ts were not crossed and Is were not dotted. The legislature responded with this bill.”
Humason said because of these issues, people were reluctant to purchase a foreclosed home.
“This protects people who purchased foreclosed homes,” he said.
The Senate also passed a second bill Thursday 37-2 to provide funding for military installations.
Six bases across Massachusetts, including Westover Air Force Base and Barnes Fighter Wing, received funding for improvements and upgrades.
The bill now heads to the House.

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