Police Log, September 20, 2012

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012
9:44 a.m.: found property, Munger Hill School, 33 Mallard Lane, the school principal called to report a ‘smoking device’ was found at the school, the caller was advised to discard the items since it could not be determined who it belongs to but the caller said that he would prefer to surrender it to an officer, the responding officer reports he took custody of the marijuana pipe and destroyed it;
1:06 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Shaker Road, a code enforcement officer reports he removed a political sign which had been attached to a tree on a city tree belt;
1:11 p.m.: arrest, Otis Street, a detective reports that, as a result of an ongoing investigation, a search warrant was obtained for an Otis Street apartment, the detective reports that the warrant was executed and the suspect was found to be in possession of more than 20 packets of heroin and a variety of prescription medications for which he had no prescription, Matthew J. Ringenbach, 29, of 45 Otis Street, was arrested for possession of a Class A drug with intent to distribute, for possession of a Class B drug and for possession of a Class C drug;
1:26 p.m.: assist citizen, Main Street, an officer reports he escorted a person to a residence she is barred from by a “No trespassing” order so she could collect her possessions, the officer reports the woman gathered her property without incident;
1:47 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Ridgecrest Drive, a code enforcement office reports he followed up on an unregistered motor vehicle violation discovered at an earlier inspection, the officer reports the vehicle was still in place and the tenant said that it was inoperable, the officer advised the resident to move the car into a garage or she will be liable for a fine;
1:53 p.m.: fraud, Feeding Hills Road, a caller reports a known person stole checks and forged them, the responding officer reports the caller said that he discovered that a fraudulent check had been cashed by a financial business, the victim said that he suspects a person who he allowed to stay with him for a time stole the check and forged it because he knows the suspect has an account with the business which deposited the check, the case was referred to the detective bureau;
2:18 p.m.: city ordinance violation, Malone Avenue, a code enforcement officer reports he and a building inspector examined a foreclosed property because of a report that persons were sleeping inside the garage, the officer reports that two garage windows appeared to have been tampered with, the building inspector advised that he would cover the windows with plywood;
3:41 p.m.: fraud, Pearl Street, a resident came to the lobby to report two unauthorized charges were found on her credit account totaling almost $900;
5:37 p.m.: larceny, Montgomery Road, a detective supervisor reports that a resident told him that she had suffered a previous larceny when her door was left open while she was having work done at her home, the woman said she had not reported the crime as she thought there was no hope of recovering the laptop computer, digital reading device and camera which had been stolen, the woman said that she later learned of a larceny reported by a tenant and realized that she had given a key to an apartment in the building she owns to a young man who performs work for her, the woman said she went to his residence and although he was not at home the man’s father showed her a collection of items the man said did not belong to his son and she found her camera among those items, the case was referred to the detective bureau;
5:37 p.m.: larceny, The Meadows Apartments, 34 Meadow Street, a caller reports a grill was stolen from his front yard within the last hour, the responding officer reports the caller said that his grill had been on his porch at 9 a.m. and about 1:30 p.m. he noticed that it was gone, a neighbor said that she had seen two men take the grill from the porch about 11 a.m. but did not think anything of it as the men were nonchalant in their mannerisms;
6:14 p.m.: suspicious person, Southwood Acres, 342 Southwick Road, a caller reports that a resident of the complex has made threatening statements relative to a complaint made about him to police the day before, the responding officer reports he spoke with the suspect who denied making any threats and said that he has been making paintball forts in a wooded part of the property with the owner’s permission and had been trying to discourage the children of the area from playing there;
8:56 p.m.: disturbance, Conner Avenue, a caller report a verbal dispute in the driveway, the responding officer reports that he encountered two persons who had formerly been a couple and were arguing, each party said he or she was struck by the other but the officer saw no signs of injury on either party, the woman and another man who was with her were both obviously highly intoxicated and neither had a place to go where somebody would care for him or her, both parties were placed in protective custody;
9:24 p.m.: loitering, Park Square, Broad Street, a patrol officer reports he observed three persons riding skateboards near the fountain at the Green, the officer reports he advised the three youths that skateboard use is prohibited at Park Square and warned them of the possible consequences of riding skateboards there, the three youths left the area.

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