Site plan approved for expansion of self-storage facility

Matthew Rokosz address Planning Board for site permit expansion. (Photo by Amy Porter)

WESTFIELD –The Planning Board Tuesday approved a site plan to add storage units at a storage facility at 264 Lockhouse Road. Owner Matthew A. Rokosz said the property is currently being used for open storage for campers, boats and trailers, and he is looking to add 25 to 50 self-storage units, which will be set back 160 ft. from the road.
Abutter Barbara Rokosz of 272 Lockhouse Road, spoke in favor of the permit. She urged the Planning Board to allow the owner to leave the large pine trees between the facility and the street as the buffer, rather than new landscaping.
“Those trees not only provide a scenic vista for neighbors, but habitat for wildlife. To remove those trees, I’d lose wildlife,” Rokosz said.
The owner and Planning Board agreed to leave the trees as a 25 foot buffer, and to fill in and add arbor vitae in other areas where a buffer was required.
Another request by Cheryl Crowe on the Planning Board was to add an apron of black top to the entrance area. The site is currently all gravel, put down between 2014 and 2016. Crowe said the asphalt would prevent gravel from being dragged onto the street. The asphalt would also be placed under the dumpster.
Other conditions included no hazardous materials on site, and adding a black chain link fence to the street side of the property.

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