Stars and Stripes Fun Run will take place next week

SOUTHWICK- The Southwick Tolland Granville Regional School District School Committee voted unanimously to approve the annual Stars and Stripes Fun Run fundraiser with alterations due to COVID-19.

The Powder Mill and Woodland School Parent-Teacher Organization (PAWS PTO) announced a change in the annual Stars and Stripes Fun Run in order to comply with the current COVID-19 guidelines. In a letter to the School Committee PAWS PTO President Tiffany Jacquier said that the fun run would be held from May 10-14 rather than being a single-day event. 

“Instead of having a one-day event as in years past, we will spread it out so that Powder Mill has two days (Monday and Tuesday) and Woodland has two days (Thursday and Friday). Wednesday will be our remote day,” stated Jacquier, “We are hopeful that we will not need a rain/weather date given the time of year; however we will want to adjust accordingly if the weather is too disruptive.”

The goal of the fun run is to raise money for the school district’s general fund. Each student who participates will be sponsored to run with a flat donation. Laps will be tracked by giving each student a sheet of stickers that they can add to their class’ poster each time they make it around the track. 

Each class will be given its own 15 to 20 minute time period to do the fun run with minimal other people around to comply with social distancing guidelines. In her letter to the school committee, Jacquier said that they would not be encouraging spectators at the event.

“With limited classes on the track at one time, social distancing will be possible, and very few volunteers will be used/needed,” said Jacquier in her letter, “Normal handwashing and hygiene practices will be upheld before and after the event.”

In her letter, Jacquier said that she thinks the students will benefit from some fresh air after normal routines were interrupted in the last year and field days were not able to be held.

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