State approves city TIF project


WESTFIELD – A state agency voted this week to approve the tax incentive financing for a city business seeking to stay and expand in Westfield.
The Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (EACC) voted Wednesday to approve eight projects for participation in the Economic Development Incentive Program (EDIP). The projects are expected to create a total of 264 new jobs and retain 463 existing jobs, in addition to leveraging over $62 million in private investment and supporting construction projects across the Commonwealth.
The EACC has assisted 69 manufacturers and supported 50 projects in Gateway Cities, such as Westfield.
The City Council voted at its Sept. 20 session to create an Economic Opportunity Area on Lockhouse Road where a new facility is being constructed for Utility Services New England Inc. (USNE), currently located in a Coleman Avenue building off East Silver Street.
The Coleman Avenue building has about 6,000 square-feet of space and one loading dock.
USNE is relocating to 7,200-square-foot general service building and a 3,600 accessory building that will be used for storage of electrical supply materials on the 2.4 acre site.
USNE has a fleet of six trucks, including bucket and auger trucks, as well as cable trailers. The general service building will have several bays and a loading dock for truck access.
The council also approved a five-year Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) agreement with both 310 Lockhouse Road, LLC and USNE. Under the TIF agreement the property owner will receive a 50 percent tax discount for the first year. The TIF discount is reduced by 10 percent each subsequent year.
The property owner, 310 Lockhouse Road, LLC, is building the structures which USNE, Inc., will lease with an agreement to purchase during the life of the TIF. The tax discount will reduce the lease cost until the property purchase is completed.
Utility Service New England, which was established in 2003, is an electric utility contractor that primarily performs the interconnection between the end user and the utility companies.
USNE will be having a newly constructed 10,000 square-foot facility built by O’Leary Builders and will then lease to own the building within three years.
The private investment is expected to be about $1.2 million and will create four full time-jobs, while retaining five full-time jobs in the Commonwealth. The City of Westfield is supporting the project with a five-year Tax Increment Financing Agreement valued at $36,423.
“We are very happy that USNE has chosen to stay in Westfield and grow here,” said Westfield Advancement Officer Jeff Daley. “This is a local only TIF and I think everyone who has met or worked with this company understands that they are the perfect candidate for this program.”
“This is a growth opportunity for USNE and I am excited to see them expand their services throughout the region,” said Daley. “The TIF will give them the additional stability they need over the next 5 years as they continue to grow and add jobs.”

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