The Arbors at Westfield gears program on dementia to business community

The Arbors at Westfield is holding a program on Dementia in our Community on Jan. 23. (Photo submitted)

WESTFIELD – The Arbors at Westfield, 40 Court Street is partnering with the Alzheimers Association to present “Dementia and our Community” on Tuesday, January 23 from 6 to 7:30.
Bianca Syriac, Director of Marketing for the Arbors said the program by the Alzheimers Association will be a learning experience for everyone, but is particularly targeted to the business community, because dementia impacts business clientele in a number of settings. The program will teach helpful strategies for working successfully with customers who have memory impairment.

Bianca Syriac, Director of Marketing at The Arbors at Westfield. (Photo submitted)

“The program is geared to business owners, police officers, bank tellers, or anyone who might deal with the elderly in situations where they are experiencing memory loss,” said Syriac.

She said there is a large population of elderly in Westfield. “We want to present to the community ways to deal with people with dementia. Could be someone in a grocery store who bumps into someone – it helps to know what’s going on,” Syriac said. She said people will learn tools on how to de-escalate a situation. “Someone with memory loss can get angry. How to bring it down to their level,” she said.

She also said that it is a growing disease that they are seeing in younger ages. “Everyone experiences it at some point,” Syriac said. She said an invitation was mailed to business owners, and they hope to get a wide range of people to come and learn about dementia.

The program is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided. Bring a business card to win a door prize. For more information or to reserve a seat, contact Bianca Syriac by January 19 at 562-0001, or email [email protected].

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