To the Editor

To my friends throughout Westfield, and especially in Ward 3.  To those especially in Ward 3.  Last time I wrote of Whitney Park, this time, Allen Park (Grandmothers Garden/Smith Ave.).  I know many of you have gone there.  As such you are aware of the pond that is there.  OK, a person who is more often a critic has approached me out of a concern.  As she understands it.  Someone took a large turtle out of the pond, put it in the road and ran it over.  Accurate or not, I am familiar with that turtle.  It is part of a threesome of turtles that I feed frequently.  She was very upset that that had happened, but I would like to expand on that.  The pond: it used to have a lot of carp/goldfish in it, and I hand several others with who I talk have seen very few to none.  During mating season, you hear a good number of frogs engaged in their mating calls.  This past year, barely any.  Nor, other turtles.  One thing we have all noticed is that the pond is polluted: oil slicks, trash, plastic bottles etc.  I know that for many years some of our local youth and their fishing nets have taken out fish and frogs, etc., though it is illegal.  But, no one related to the park want any signs put up to mention that.  Ever since living here and walking Mr. Bear, and now Ollie I have used the park for my walks.  It has such variety for a small park that it is great for dog walking, and is used by many as a background for photoshoots.  Again, I do understand turf issues but, is not the health and safety of the park more important?  And as I have mentioned before the loss of trash receptacles enables people to just discard their trash anywhere.  Not that it would get rid of it all, I am not naïve, but it would reduce it.  As for the oil slicks on the water, that needs to be looked into.  Again, you may want to get on your city councilors about doing so.  Especially as your dogs often drink from that water.  I really like that park; I have worked to rescue a hurt buzzard, feed the birds, fish and other aquatic life.  Oh, on the trash, without receptacles no one is going to stick it in their pockets till they get home.

Next.  In the paper you have read that Montgomery, and Russel are prepping their marijuana sales; Southwick their growing, with Holyoke, Easthampton, and Springfield, as well; and even West Springfield revising their policies.   Another lost opportunity to generate revenue?

T.V.  another new show has caught my attention, and one that shares an interest with anyone who sees a doctor: New Amsterdam, I recommend it, for all those who would like to see how patients are treated improved by the medical industry.  OK, I cannot leave without a Brian Hoose comment:  I hear so many adamantly preaching their religion; but, a lot of what was said by the Christ was: to heal the sick.  OK, where are all these religious folks when it comes to health care.  Or is it, your money, or your life, and to heck with Christ if it costs or impacts profiteering?  Sounds more Mammon than Christ to me.  With that I bid you a nice start to fall, enjoy while we have it.   Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose…[email protected]

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