To the Editor

Hello Westfield, I am back, more or less. I had another ER visit with the result being my depression got worse, and I did not want to do anything. But, while still not at my best, the pressure of those who read my edits has motivated me.

First, to catch up…Much praise to Sheriff Cocchi, for his program of having inmates doing dog care with dogs looking for new homes. This is great. Bonding with a dog, who gives you psychological/emotional supports, and in return you develop a sense of self-worth is important to creating an attitude that may keep from re-offending. Having worked with juvenile offenders a more positive self, I know is vital to changing the previous self-image that lead to crime.

Next, Cong. Neal…as said, he and I are old friends…I am so glad to see that he remains himself, and not a media hound, now that he is chairman of House Ways and Means. As well, that he is using his smarts and experience to take up issues of our concern. He is pursuing Trumps tax returns in a reasonable and responsible way. I am really tired of the hype to impeach. That can’t happen, the per cent of votes to do so is not there…thus a waste of time and energy. Build the case, and if there is proof then take action.

2nd next: I can not help it but: Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” While a sensationalist motivator for his base this is a silly and divisive tactic. Trumps own administration disagrees with his usual distortion and exaggerated stats. But, who needs facts when you have hype, and those it is aimed at will swallow anything that sounds like what they want to believe. As said before: walls did not protect China from the Mongols; Hadrian’s Wall did not keep out the Picts and Scots; The Berlin Wall did not keep East Germans from getting into West Berlin, and Israel’s walls have not kept out Palestinians. Besides, again, these billionaire narco terrorists have ships. What are we going to build a wall all along our coast lines? They have drones, and planes too. This is for my self-called Conservatives a matter of economic practices: Supply and Demand. We have the Demand, and they have the supply. Deal with the Demand side and we deal with the supply side. And, as long as we have those Americans that profit from the drug market (money launderers, and bribe takers) they will continue to get to the demand siders. For those that do not follow the facts: how often I have read of American boat owners making big bucks by going out to ships off the coast to pick up drugs and drop them off. After all it is all about the money. Oh, on the domestic side of our drug problem, I am glad to see Pharm Companies as well as over prescribing doctors being charged with murder when their products kill, alongside the drug dealers, whose customers die. That may well put a dent in the Demand side.

It is bad that an illegal may kill an American, but how many, in contrast, Americans kill Americans? A recent stat says 43,000 Americans have died from gun violence. What about all those good old Americans that shoot up schools, the Vegas, and work place mass shootings, etc.? It is bad to distort facts or in the current jargon fake you facts to con Americans into thinking you are their savior. And, what about the real threat by the Russian/No. Korean/Chinese cyber war? Russia shut down Estonia with a cyber-attack to test out this next generation weapon? They shut down the Republic of Georgia’s ability to defend themselves by cyber-attack. And, their attacks are not only to trick Americans into fighting amongst ourselves, but to be able to take down energy and communications, corporate, and financial institutions, etc. Oh not a real threat as the women and children fleeing Central America due to our Drug habits, and governments that we helped to destabilize…which are the majority of those coming here. OK, enough for now, but hopefully I am back. There is so much to advocate for so that our next generation can be factually motivated to get off their butts, and do things to make things better. Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose …[email protected].

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