To the Editor

Hello Ward 3, and the rest of Westfield.

First, and important, I would like to thank: Inspector General, Jim Cunha; Rep., Angelo Puppalo; Rep., Ann Gobi; Carol Ann Aloisi, from the Ma. Dem. Party; Shawn Allyn, and Westfield’s Miles Stern, for their birthday greetings. When you turn 69, and you live alone, except for Ollie, my dog, and while my best friend; it is nice to be remembered by old friends and associates. I greatly appreciate your kindness. While in the thanking mode: I want to thank City Advancement Officer, Joe Mitchell, for all of his help. I did not expect his personal attention on a personal matter. I do not like to seek help, a guy thing, but when it comes: I am most touched by the kindness. Also, Mayor Sarno of Springfield for his stance regarding low bail, and easy out for repeat offenders in the courts, and Gov. Baker for his seeking some middle ground regarding undocumented, but violent criminals and ICE.

OK, now my comments to Westfield: first, while I am still working on the situation at Whitney Park, I am still finding charcoal cooking spots, and one of the old ones with the fire wood is still there. Please join me in contacting the Mayor, and Parks and Rec., to encourage something to be done to protect the lives and property of abutters.   Next, I am very dissatisfied with the failure to fund Sen. Lessing’s efforts to have direct train service to Boston. With all that is happening in Springfield that would be a most important contribution to our future. I, and I hope you will continue to support this action. Oh, yes when contacting the Mayor, let him know how important this would be and his support would be appreciated, and that Westfield should be looking at connecting up with a train station of our own. I am disappointed in our planning for legal cannabis. All kinds of petty stuff, along with real concerns: if not allowed to sell; think the town next door can. That would not stop people from using. But, the worst part is that we are funding Narco-terrorists, and if we make it too hard the usual sources will remain in business. Having attended a city meeting on this, and from talking to some Councilors, I know Westfield is making some sound choices.

As for the election; I am not turning in my papers, as I am focused on setting up a non-profit to give a voice to Independent voters. But, if, in Oct., things change I can always do a write in campaign. But, again, a part of that if is dependent upon people helping.

Ward 3 be aware that there may be a change in voting locations with the consolidation of precincts to WTA (Voc)! Enough for now everyone stay safe, and as I tell my Senior friends, with the heat, DO NOT OVER DO IT! Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose… [email protected]

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