To the Editor

Hello Westfield, and especially Ward 3…

To those that send in Pulseline comments but do not attach their names… 1. Was about campaign signs, please, this is called Marketing fundamental to get known. As well, signs have been a fundamental of our American electoral process for since we have had signs. I am sorry that our Democracy is bothersome. Another complained about personnel at local pharmacies. The solution to this problem is simple take your business elsewhere. There is more than one in Westfield. I prefer Rite Aid, their folks are friendly, and social. I joke with them, and I trust their smarts. And, if they can deal with my humor, you know they can deal with a lot. But, is the problem them or you? What is your attitude like? I am finding, and after talking about it with a lot of people…people are not as civil as they used to be. How often do you hear excuse me, or thank you, and you are welcome. In my walks, I often say hi to people along my walks, and way too often I get this look, scowl, as if I swore at them. Though, I fully admit for all the sour pusses, there are many who return the greeting. Some even have a glow that a stranger would be nice. We often enter in small talk, but that is important. While it does not make us friends, it is nice to know others can be civil and friendly. I guess some never learned manners or have forgotten their value. And, what do you lose by being nice. You do not have to Love thine Neighbor but one should at least be able to be social and civil.  I sadly understand that there are way too many who want us to be a nation of Pro-kill, hate and fear one another. We seem to have traded in our most important intrinsic principles. Are fear and hate, replacing love, compassion, and kindness? While as a man of faith rather than religion, it is terrible to see those who claim to be religious trash the Thou shalt nots. Sorry for the preaching, but I just needed to say that.

Thank you again, Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose   [email protected]

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