To the Editor

Hello Ward 3, and the rest of Westfield. Elections are up and coming and there is a question on the ballot: that the Mayor is elected for 4 years. I agree. With so much of our resources coming from the State and Fed it takes time to get our approval, and then pursue the State process, and whatever Fed process, that it takes years to happen. Some running are upset with taxes, but oppose this. Where do we get the funding for the needed funding, either through the process, or here? You cannot be both for tax cuts, and for a limited term where to do these things.

Another issue, I want you to write to, E-mail our State Senator, and Rep., to oppose the Criminal Justice Reform that treats 18 year olds as minors. It is bad enough we call our college students “KIDS” when they are 18. 18 years olds can vote, serve in the military, have legal rights, etc., but are not responsible enough in our courts to be treated as the adults that they are? We have done way too much already to excuse people of being responsible. If you do not know that illegal is illegal by 18, should you walk around unescorted? As many of you know I volunteer at WTA, and I talk with the “STUDENTS” and if they can make sense of this kind of stuff, i.e: personal responsibility so too should others their age.

Speaking of WTA, they are back, and I have not seen you! I am there Weds. And Fridays when they are open… I have seen some of you, but some of my buddies, both detractors, and agreers ae sorely missed.

Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, enjoy Autumn now that may be it is here…. [email protected]

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