To the Editor

Hello Ward 3, and all of Westfield…First, and most important; is to share my thoughts and concerns for the people at 34 Kellogg St. I often walk by their home, and we say hi and chat; very nice people. I went by their house Sat., with Ollie, while not good, it is good to know that the destruction was limited, and no one was injured. Though for those on the third floor, especially, there is no upside to what happened when you lose so much. I wish you well, and hopefully you are being helped.

Second, HELP, I need an inexpensive plumber. As most of you know I am retired and do not have much of an income. If you know anyone who is inexpensive, have them E-mail me, gave up phone as a budget reducer, (at the bottom of the editorial). Initially, I do not need a lot done, but once it is, there is more, and I will look for the means to fund it.

Next, Congrats to Sen. Lesser on his persistence to have an East West rail service from Springfield to Boston. This would, along with the North South rail service make Springfield and this region a transportation hub. Now, if we can cooperate, and promote all that goes on in Western Mass.: Arts and Cultural, Leaf peepers, snow lovers, summer vacationers, and local events promoted that we could have a real and lasting econ. upsurge. It would be great for us if the Council could figure out that this would be a great investment to re-activate our passenger rail connection, as have Holyoke, Northampton, and Greenfield, and soon, Palmer. Though it seems too many are more into econ stagnation, because it costs, instead of planning for an ever more rapid happening future that would profit us. (Sorry for the sarcasm…but watching the meetings brings that out in me.)

Lastly, I cannot help but get into some of our national pit Americans against Americans through emotional con jobbery. The Pledge of Allegiance did not exist until 1892, and the Nat. Anthem until 1931, with: to the flag, 1924, and under God, in 1954. If you have ever really, and objectively read about the lives and thinking of our founders they probably would have been at least very iffy about having them. Their loyalty to their states came first, and as a nation of diverse interests and principles; save those agreed to in the Declaration of Independence, and the Preamble of our Constitution, such things would have been questionable. The end of slavery was considered at the Constitutional Convention with only one state opposed, (So. Carolina) so it was put off and not taken up again. So, I doubt that such gesture would have been acceptable.  It does amuse me that a lot of Southern Red States are so enraged about footballers kneeling (not insulting our nation, but to draw attention to being treated as 2nd class citizens) when they attacked the U.S., and tried to over throw our form of government, burned and stamped on our flag, and some still do. In the 1960’s; stationed in the South, I still heard: that the South will rise again…, and recently, with some in the South waving WWII, German National Socialist Flags (that must really show respect to our WWII Vets) Their political hypocrisy gets to be too much. Again ending on a rant, but I cannot help it when such, can I print BS, is used to divide America. Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, and Community Advocate….Brian Hoose,   [email protected]

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