Town officials team up to create safety program for seniors

SOUTHWICK – In partnership with both the Southwick Fire Department and Department of Public Works, the Southwick Council on Aging is now offering a free program to benefit elderly residents in town.

Winter brings inclement weather and town officials want to make sure that all seniors in Southwick have the necessary tools to prevent themselves from being in danger which is why they have created the sand program.

Anderson worked with Sullivan and Brown to create the sand program. (WNG File Photo)

“Slip and falls are a big concern for us, especially with the senior population,” said Southwick Fire Chief Russ Anderson.

The program revolves around the fire department providing a five-gallon bucket of sand with a scoop in it to any seniors in town that are a homeowner and don’t have a managed property. Southwick Council on Aging Director Cindy Sullivan mentioned that Easthampton and Granby already have this type of program in their respective communities.

Since some older individuals may live alone, the program could be an impactful tool.

“This could be a very critical thing,” said Anderson. “If this helps a little bit then we’re glad to be able to help.”

Once seniors sign up for the program, employees of the Southwick Fire Department would go out on a weekend day and deliver the sand buckets.

If any senior in town is interested in signing up for the sand bucket program, contact the Southwick Council on Aging at 413-569-5498.

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