Town-wide water meter project coming to a close

SOUTHWICK – The town-wide water meter project that started in September of 2016 is finally coming to a close. 

According to Southwick DPW Director Randy Brown, East National Water is about 90% done with installing meters and are taking appointments for the fifth region in town. Currently, East National Water is in Southwick on select days throughout the week when residents call for a water meter replacement appointment.

Southwick DPW Director Randy Brown. (WNG File Photo)

Brown is pleased to see the project nearing completion and noted the long term positive effect it will have on the town.

“It was a good investment,” said Brown. “It was a much needed project to update our meter reading system and our technology.”

The meter reading system and new technology that Brown is referring to is the second part of the water meter project. Contractor E.J. Prescott installed a fixed network system which allows the DPW to monitor everyone’s meter through radio re-technology.

Additionally, a radio transmitter called a Smart Point will be outside the property and the touch pad will transmit the water meter results back to the DPW department.

Since the new system has been up and running, the DPW water division has sent out notices to at least 75 customers for potential water leaks in their internal plumbing. The meter senses any low flow condition 24 hours a day, and will send an alarm to the DPW before they notify the homeowner.

If you still haven’t made an appointment for your new water meter, you can do so by calling East National Water at (800)-252-8556.

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