Ward 1 Candidate profiles

Christopher Keefe
149 Yeoman Avenue

Family information: Married to Joan Tierney Keefe, one daughter Julia (17)

Candidate for office of Westfield City Council Ward One

Education: Graduated UMass – Amherst 1988 Bachelor of Business Administration in Management

Employment/Profession: Principal Assessor Town of West Springfield

Government Service/Community Organizations: Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers – Education Committee. Former Manager, Westfield Little League Senior Softball

Hobbies: Cruising

Candidate platform (200-300 words)

It has been my privilege to serve the constituents of Ward One as their City Councilor and City Council President. My two terms on the Council have coincided with the twin challenges of a difficult economic situation and a large number of infrastructure projects undertaken simultaneously by our city over the past four years. As the ward councilor, I have strived to advocate for the economic development necessary to expand and secure out tax base – and by extension, our municipal finances – while mitigating the impact of new development and infrastructure projects on the North Side.

Prior to becoming President, I served on the Council’s Finance Committee. During my tenure on Finance and as President, we cut the city budget by $3 million while preserving essential services and addressing the major infrastructure needs of the city. Despite two new bridges, a bike trail, downtown renovations, and a proposed new elementary school, the Westfield City Council last year managed to spare the city taxpayers from the usual 2.5% levy increase, even at a time when health insurance and fuel costs continue to soar. I am proud of my record of fiscal responsibility, which I’ve managed to achieve while continuing to serve the needs of my constituents in Ward One.

Looking forward, I hope to build on the upcoming school consolidation by working with the Mayor to explore the merging of personnel and purchasing departments between the School Department and City Hall. In the meanwhile, we’re moving forward on combined dispatch between the Police and Fire Departments, and with it the possibility of establishing regional emergency dispatch for Hampden County here in Westfield. And under my presidency, the Council has established a Charter Review Committee to examine the organization and function of municipal government in Westfield. While I have been able to use my knowledge, experience, and skill in municipal government to address these broader concepts, I have never forgotten that the residents of Ward One expect me as their elected representative to ensure that the trash is picked up, the traffic lights work, and that the potholes are filled. On Tuesday, November 8th, I’m respectfully asking for your vote for re-election to the Westfield City Council.


Kevin Medeiros

Kevin Medeiros

36 Crown Street

Family Info: Wife Dawn, Daughter Emily at home student at Westfield High School, Ryan, Shawn and Amanda and 5 Grandchildren.

Candidate for Office of City Council Ward 1

Education: High School

Employment: Semi retired from Hospitality Industry

Service/Community: Schools and VIPS Fundraising, PeeWee Soccer Coach

Hobbies: I enjoy organizing fund-raising activities to improve education. Salt water aquariums.

Platforms: My goal is to build a strong bridge between the City Council, The School Committee, The School Department and Parent Teacher Organizations along with the residents of Ward 1 and the City. I am a people person and enjoy good conversation. Throughout my career I have gained skills in communication that I believe will enhance combined meetings between groups to make a stronger community and enhance the sense of volunteerism in Ward 1. I hope to make the lines of communications more open and constituent friendly.

These are exciting times for our City. We have a new Superintendent of Schools and we are getting ready to build a much-needed new school, not to mention a face lift for our downtown area. We are also looking at completion of the bridge projects and the repair of drugstore hill bridge to ease the traffic problems on Prospect Hill. I believe with the proper leadership the City can move forward to attract the types of business we need to benefit us in all ways. I am still getting the information for the gas-fired power plant so that I can make an informed decision as to where I stand.

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