Westfield Salvation Army goes all-volunteer

WESTFIELD – In an effort to maximize donor contributions, The Salvation Army transitions its service to an all-volunteer effort in Westfield effective October 1. The Salvation Army has been providing assistance to the Westfield community since the 1950s, most recently out of rented space on Arnold Street, which the community referred to as the The Salvation Army Westfield Service Center.
Like many non-profit organizations, The Salvation Army continually strives to increase and improve impact while minimizing operating costs. Through a process that has lasted several years, the determination was made that moving to a volunteer-led model is the best and most cost-effective way to serve the community’s needs. This model, called the Service Unit, has proven to be effective in many communities across Massachusetts. Service Units maintain the same capabilities for fundraising and providing services to people in need and through this model, The Salvation Army continues to serve people in every zip code of the Commonwealth.
“Westfield residents have been dedicated to helping their neighbors in need through The Salvation Army for decades. We trust that will continue through this transition,” said Wilfred Leslie, Salvation Army Service Extension Director. “In my experience, people trust The Salvation Army to help everyone who comes to us as efficiently as we can. That’s why they give.”
The Salvation Army will continue to provide direct emergency service, Thanksgiving assistance, Christmas toys and gifts. This Christmas, shoppers can expect to see those familiar red kettles throughout the community. As always, donations received in the red kettles remain in Westfield to serve community needs year round.
“The Salvation Army is pleased to continue its service and planning for the future,” said Leslie. “We are grateful for the same volunteers and generous donors who have helped us meet local need for years and they are more important than ever as we move forward. The Salvation Army is committed to assisting those who need our help in Westfield with minimal change in our service to them. ”
Beginning October 1, The Salvation Army will provide assistance in Westfield through an existing collaboration with Domus, Inc. The well-known local non-profit property management housing developer will provide office space for Salvation Army volunteers.
Those who need help can schedule an appointment by calling 413-568-1256. Any community residents or groups who would like to continue the volunteer tradition at the red kettles, can contact The Salvation Army at 413-568-1256.
Donations of gently used clothing and furniture are still being received at The Salvation Army Family Store at 215 East Main Street in Westfield.

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