10 new COVID-19 cases reported in Southwick

SOUTHWICK- The Department of Public Health reported 10 new COVID-19 cases in Southwick last week to bring the pandemic total to 615. 

The new cases this week brings Southwick back into the moderate risk category after it had been low risk for one week. The week of May 13 was the first time Southwick had been considered a low risk community since Nov. 5. 

Health Director Tammy Spencer said that there were 3,330 fully vaccinated Southwick residents, which is 34 percent of the town’s population. There are 4,472 residents who have received at least one dose of any of the available vaccines. 

Board of Health member Jean Nilsson said that it was kind of sad that fewer than 50% of Southwick residents are fully vaccinated. 

Public Health Nurse Kate Johnson said that she has been seeing hesitancy among residents about getting their vaccine.

“Over the last 4 to 6 weeks when I ask people who recently tested positive if they plan on being vaccinated, most of them say no,” said Johnson, “I’m not surprised to see that hesitancy.”

Johnson said that some of the cases in Southwick over the last couple of weeks could be attributed to Mother’s Day gatherings. Most of the cases are being spread through households and certain neighborhoods in Southwick, according to Johnson. 

Spencer said that she was finally able to do the Homebound Vaccinated Program for 28 Southwick residents after the program had been cancelled due to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause. 

“It was amazing,” said Spencer, “It was interesting to kind of get out and into people’s homes and talk to them and see how they have been faring throughout the pandemic.”

Twenty-eight Southwick residents who are physically unable to leave their homes received the J&J vaccine. Spencer and a group of paramedics traveled around town administering the doses to the residents. She said one Granville resident and one Tolland resident also received a dose through the program.

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