Agawam Paranormal gears up for Westfield 350 Haunted Fundraiser

Rob Goff (second from left) and the members of his team from Agawam Paranormal. (submitted photo)

WESTFIELD – Friends of the Westfield 350th celebration and Agawam Paranormal have partnered up for a spooky fundraising event planned for October of this year.

Agawam Paranormal is a team of researchers, investigators and psychics that investigate possible supernatural occurrences in residential and commercial properties. What started as a hobby for Rob Goff and his family eleven years ago, has exploded. They have done over 200 investigations, and never charge clients.

“I just have a really cool hobby,” said Goff, who takes pride in remaining a free service for their clients. They never charge because they cannot guarantee the results their clients want. Agawam Paranormal provides their clients with a DVD of the findings. The footage is a compilation of their multiple six-hour site visits during their investigative process. “There’s no way in one trip am I going to get all the answers,” said Goff.

Goff and his team have developed relationships with approximately 45 libraries in Massachusetts and Connecticut. At libraries, he works with charities and different organizations to create public reveals of their findings. It’s important to Goff that he works with libraries. He feels that his reveals, which have been extremely successful, can help to rebuild citizens relationships with their towns’ libraries.

A previous public reveal is exactly how the relationship between the Friends of Westfield 350 and Agawam Paranormal came to be.

At the reveal events, Goff creates a presentation catered to each different audience and presents his findings in a conversational tone that encourages discussion.

For the Haunted Westfield fundraiser, the Friends of Westfield 350 have chosen three well known locations in Westfield to investigate. The mystery locations will be revealed on October 13 at the Westfield Athenaeum during the Pumpkin Festival.

Goff and his team have already begun their investigations of the three properties around the city.

All money made from the admission fees for the Haunted Westfield event will go directly back to Westfield 350 to help them put on the signature events for the celebration of the 350th anniversary of the founding of Westfield, the first of which is the First Night event scheduled for New Year’s Eve.

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