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Ambulance Association promotes address markers

GRANVILLE – Hoping to assist the town’s emergency responders,  the Granville Ambulance Association is organizing a reflective address marker fundraiser for all town residents.
Minutes count when ambulance crews and other responders  attempt to locate the address which is the site of the emergency.  Factors such as missing or hard-to-see house numbers  and poor lighting  may contribute to a delay in the response time.

Granville Fire Department. (WNG File Photo)

Rebecca Velkey, who is a member of the Granville Ambulance Association and is running the program, has seen what Granville first responders have faced when out on a call.
“It was just really hard finding people’s homes,” said Velkey.
The association is selling address signs that have a green, reflective background with white reflective numbers. The holes are pre-drilled, and customers have the choice of selecting a horizontal or vertical mounting. The cost for the sign is $20.
The signs will be available to town residents beginning in April. People interested in purchasing an address marker can do so by going on to the Granville Fire Department website and downloading the form at the bottom of the page. Signs can also be paid for by visiting the Granville Fire Department and filling out a form.
According to Velkey, the association will sell the signs until they run out, and  they are encouraging every resident to purchase one.
“Our goal is to get most people interested and have them mark their houses,”  she said.
People who buy the markers will be contacted by a Granville Fire official to arrange a time for pick-up.  Granville emergency personnel will also put up the signs for the elderly.
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