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Baystate Noble community meeting will discuss new CT scan

Baystate Noble Hospital. (FILE PHOTO)

WESTFIELD — The Baystate Noble Hospital leadership has extended an invitation to patients, business and community leaders, stakeholders and the general public to join a virtual community meeting at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 30, on the need for a new CT scan machine at Baystate Noble Hospital.

Hospital leaders will give a brief overview of the need for a new CT scan and how it will improve access to care and health outcomes for patients. There is no registration required to join the virtual meeting. Participants can join the Zoom meeting at

According to, a computerized tomography scan, also called a CT scan or a CAT scan, is a noninvasive, painless imaging test that can be used to diagnose a variety of medical conditions. A CT scan works like a typical X-ray combined with sophisticated computers that form a three-dimensional model of the inside of the patient’s body. Unlike an X-ray, CT scans take images of the body from multiple angles, which provide a detailed, multidimensional view inside the body. A CT scan can also examine blood vessels, bones, organs and soft tissue.

On the call, hospital leaders will discuss the state-mandated Determination of Need application, and why it is required for this project. A spokesperson for the hospital would not elaborate on the requirements or timeline of the Determination of Need process, or the cost of the CT scan equipment, saying those questions would be answered at the community meeting. The meeting is an opportunity for the public to hear directly from hospital leadership, and to ask questions and get answers about the project.

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