Bid awarded for Granville Road culvert project

SOUTHWICK – This week, the Select Board has awarded a bid for the Granville Road culvert replacement project to Maverick Construction Management Services of Auburn, Mass..

Maverick Construction Management Services came in with the lowest bid of $362,381.

DPW Director Randy Brown was seen discussing the Granville Road replacement project this week and among other issues or projects. (Photo by Greg Fitzpatrick)

According to DPW Director Randy Brown, the total budget for the project is $467,085. Due to Maverick’s bid of $362,381 and the additional $40,700 for contracts, there will be a remaining balance of $64,000 to be used for construction contingencies throughout the project.

The design for the Granville Road culvert replacement project was created about six years ago. Through a special town meeting in May of 2018 voters passed to have the $467,085 appropriated through town funds.

Reconstructing a new culvert on Granville Road is important for the structure and safety of the town and the vehicles that drive down that road.

“It’s an old culvert, there’s sinkholes that have formed periodically as water washes through,” said Brown. “The culvert has met its life so it’s time to replace it.”

The expectation is that Maverick Construction Management Services will begin construction after July 1.

During Brown’s discussions this week with the Select Board on the project, he noted that Granville Road won’t be closed during construction when vehicles are heading westbound on Granville Road.

However, if vehicles are going eastbound on Granville Road, they will be detoured down Fred Jackson Road and then onto College Hwy. It’s anticipated that the detour will only last two or three weeks.

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