Southwick accepts street, new hire

SOUTHWICK – The Board of Selectmen last night approved accepting a portion of Lauren Lane that connects the Pine Knoll III development with Lexington Circle.
Developer Norman Story volunteered the roadway as a public way.
“Town Meeting already approved takings from the other developers, but this developer volunteered it,” said Chief Administrative Officer Karl Stinehart.
Department of Public Works Director Jeffrey Neece said it is a small stretch of road, but it is valuable in keeping the streets cleared.
“Its 330 feet,” said Neece. “As far as infrastructure, it’s complete and acceptable to the town.”
During a public hearing Monday, only one resident spoke and asked exactly where the road was located. No one spoke against accepting the property and it was previously recommended by the Southwick Planning Board.

Bosak appointed to new DPW position

The Board of Selectmen also approved hiring Richard J. Bosak for the newly created DPW position of heavy equipment operator with water operator’s license. Bosak, already a DPW employee, was recommended for the job by DPW Director Jeffrey Neece.
“He is the most experienced candidate and has worked on sewer pumps and water pumps,” said Neece. “He does have a few things to learn but he does have a water operator’s license and he’s an all-around good guy.”
Because Bosak is already an employee, his current position will need to be filled. Neece said Bosak’s promotion would mean a current employee would probably move to his highway position, which would likely create a need to hire someone at the transfer station.
Neece also said there would be a few items to discuss with the union.
“He would be eligible for sewer, water, and highway overtime, so we have to work that out,” said Neece.

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