Board holds hearing, approves license transfer

SOUTHWICK – The Board of Selectmen this week approved a license transfer from the former Lakeside Motors to Allen Auto Repair and Sales.
Christopher Allen, owner of Allen Auto, said he has rented space at Lakeside Motors for a year and the owner of that establishment has sold him the business, located at 96 Point Grove Road.
“I’ve been leasing since last September and purchased it last week,” Allen told the board during a public hearing. “I would like to transfer everything to my name.”
Allen said there will no longer be a Lakeside Motors.
“It will now be Allen Auto Repair and Sales,” he said.
The Board unanimously approved the license transfer.
At the same meeting, the board held a scheduled liquor license hearing for The Proud Chef restaurant, located on College Highway near The American Inn.
The license, however, was never picked up by the owner when it was first awarded.
“We’re aware that this establishment has closed,” said Board Chairman Arthur Pinell. “The owner has indicated she is not attending this hearing and is keeping the establishment closed.”
The beer-and-wine-only license now goes back into the pool of liquor licenses available in town.
Southwick is allowed, per the state alcohol board, to have 14 all alcohol on-premiss licenses and has issued all 14. Of the five wine and malt on-premise licenses allowed, three are still available. Two wine and malt off-premise licenses are still available, and the state allows two all alcohol off-premise licenses. However, the town has issued three.
Board of Selectmen Administrative Assistant Sondra Pendleton said the licenses are based on population and the third all alcohol off premises was grandfathered in.
“If one of those is given up, it would not be re-issued,” she said.
The Board of Selectmen serve as the town’s licensing authority.

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