Board OKs pole placement

SOUTHWICK – The Board of Selectmen approved a new utility pole on Coes Hill Road with the blessing of property owner Richard Battistoni.
Jerry Molongoski of Western Massachusetts Electric Company and Battistoni both attended a pole hearing this week after working together on placement.
The pole will be located westerly of College Highway on the south side of Coes Hill Road.
The pole was originally proposed for the northern side of Coes Hill Road, which was not favorable to Battistoni, who owns property on both sides of the street.
At the October pole hearing, Battistoni said placing it on the north side of Coes Hill Road would be a problem at his business, Interstate Building Supply.
“I don’t want a pole right in front of my building,” he said. “It’s right where I plow snow and right where the town plows snow. “
Battistoni called the pole positioning the “cheap way” to upgrade service.
Selectmen favored Battistoni’s concerns and asked WMECO to go back to the drawing board. Battistoni gave an easement so the pole could be positioned on the south side of the street.
Molongoski said this week that both Battistoni and town engineer Richard Grannells reviewed the new plans.
“It’s been staked out and it’s fine with me,” said Battistoni.
The board unanimously approved the pole placement.

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