Camelot Jewelers opens in Westfield

Camelot Jewelers is now open at 55 Southwick Road. (MATTHEW HARRIS PHOTO)

WESTFIELD – Camelot Jewelers quietly opened last week at the site of the former Andrew Grant Diamond Center, and owners Matthew Harris and Matthew Turgeon hope to bring a little sparkle to the city.

Harris, a Southwick resident, and Turgeon, a Westfield resident, have dreamt of opening their own store for years.

“This is my first store,” said Harris, who has been in the business nearly 20 years. “It’s been my dream for a long time. I named it after my mother’s store she had before she passed away 20 years ago.”

Harris said he found this location “just out of pure luck.”

“I was out driving around trying to find a place,” said Harris.
“Three hours later I decided to head home. I saw a sign for leasing a space, I pulled in and met the prior owner of Andrew Grant Diamond Center. We talked for a while. He sold Matt and I what he had left. He also talked to the landlord for us, and we took the space as well.”

Perhaps it was fate that brought Harris by that day. Andrew Grant had a long tradition and loyal customers and Harris and Turgeon hope for the same success.

Camelot Jewelers

Camelot offers a wide range of jewelry at various price points.

“We work with any budget,” said Harris. “You want something for $25, or $25,000 – we have it. I want to be different from the rest of the businesses. I want everyone to be comfortable shopping here.”

Harris said he enjoys making custom pieces and changing the design of an existing piece to something that makes his customers “cry in happiness seeing and wearing.”

Harris, who has 17 years experience “on the bench,” said he really enjoys his work.

“I love being a jeweler,” he said. “I have said I get paid twice on an order. If I can make them cry because they are so happy, that is the best thing ever to be paid.”

Camelot Jewelers, 55 Southwick Road, is open Tuesday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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