Christmas tree roundup

HUNTINGTON – If you are one of those people who have not yet disposed of your Christmas tree, Gateway Regional High School’s Class of 2012 has a solution – a Christmas Tree Roundup.
Area residents are invited to bring their trees, along with a $5 donation, to a community bonfire. The roundup takes place Saturday at Strathmore Park in Russell, beginning at 5 p.m.
Senior Class Advisor Avery Lavigueur said this is the first fundraiser of its kind. A parent, Keith Richardson, came up with the idea, said Laviguerur.
“We were looking for something new because fundraisers tend to get static.” Lavigueur said it may be a little late for some people to dispose of Christmas trees, but “we thought we’d see how it goes.” Russell fire Chief Michael Morrissey said they department will oversee the burning at the park, where there is still tree damage from the October 29 storm.
“So we can take care of both things at once,” said Morrissey. The department will keep the fire in control and put out the embers once the last tree has burned. Lavigueur said the proceeds will help cover costs of the outdoor graduation.
“The outdoor graduation used to be in the budget,” she said. “It is no longer in the budget and the class still wants to have it outdoors, so they need to pay for the rental of the stage, audio equipment and seats. They are trying to raise $3,000 to pay for it.”
The Christmas Tree Roundup is one of several fundraisers the class is hosting. Lavigueur said bake sales are also planned. The class is asking everyone who brings a tree to the bonfire to make a $5 donation. Hot dogs and hot cocoa will also be for sale at the event.

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