City Council appoints new Planning Board member

Westfield City Hall

WESTFIELD – Personnel Action Committee Chair Cindy C. Harris made the motion at the City Council meeting on Monday to appoint Richard W. Salois, 220 Russellville Road, as an alternate member of the Planning Board, replacing John Bowen, who has moved to Ward 1 representative.
In introducing Salois, Harris said he is a mechanical engineer, who has been involved in building industrial plants all across the nation. As director of engineering for Cenveo, he provided support to 17 manufacturing facilities in production, support and operations, and managed the re-engineering center in Chicago.
“He’s been involved in everything big—big plants, involving big problems he had to solve, big money to be watchful of, big machinery and big numbers of employees involved,” Harris said, adding that he had to manage design, construction, process improvement, overall manufacturing operations, and work with local management to enhance overall project effectiveness.
Harris said that for work, he had to travel all the time, but now retired, Salois wants to get involved in helping to make Westfield a great place to live. She said he has experience with zoning concerns, building setups, is acutely aware of quality of life issues, and wants the city to have neighborhoods with great quality of life. She said he believes he can help to integrate industry and neighborhoods without stifling one or the other, and that the Planning Board can be that conduit.
She said Salois is a lifelong Westfield resident, and is interested in being involved in the city’s future.
At-large Councilor John J. Beltrandi, III recognized Salois, who was present at Monday’s meeting, and said he has seen him at both Planning Board and City Council meetings, and thinks he’s going to do a great job. “Thank you for stepping up,” Beltrandi said, addressing Salois.
Ward 1 Councilor Mary Ann Babinski said she wholeheartedly agreed with the appointment. “I’m glad he’s found a position to serve in – a very good fit,” she said, adding that he also comes to Ward 1 meetings, and has many convictions about the direction in which the city should go. She said she was happy to have somebody from Ward 1 on the Planning Board.
Ward 4 Councilor Andrew K. Surprise echoed Babinski, calling it a “good fit for him. He’s very involved, and wants to be involved. We need more citizens like that. Thank you for stepping up,” Surprise said.
The Councilors approved the appointment on an 11-0 vote.

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