COA seeks maintenance referrals

WESTFIELD – For some senior citizens, getting work done around the house is not as easy as it used to be.
To assist those residents, the Westfield Council On Aging (COA) is creating a referral list for home maintenance workers.
COA Executive Director Tina Gorman said she and her staff used to have a list of local high school students who would perform tasks for seniors for minimal pay.
“We’ve had fewer participants in recent years,” Gorman said.
Gorman speculated that high school students are busier than ever before.
“They may be involved in a lot of activities, or have jobs and do not have as much time,” she said, adding that if students do not drive they have to rely on their parents for rides and that may conflict with seniors’ schedules.
While the workers do not need to be professionals, Gorman said the COA asks for three referrals and would perform a criminal background check before referring anyone to a citizen seeking assistance.
Gorman said right now, yard clean-up help is in demand.
“They are always looking for indoor handyman help, for leaky faucets and things like that,” she said. “In the winter, the biggest thing they need is shoveling of sidewalks.”
Workers are in demand for tasks such as snow shoveling sidewalks and stairs; yard clean-up, including raking, weeding, and general lawn maintenance; and small “handyman” projects for Westfield’s senior citizens.
Those interested in providing these services may contact Carol Shannon at the Senior Center, 562-6435, to schedule an appointment for a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check. In addition, three references will be required.
Any “senior discounts” offered will be noted on the final referral list that is developed.

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