Community Development office creates Google Doc of open businesses

WESTFIELD- Employees in the Office of Community Development have created a running list of local businesses that are remaining open during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Community Development Director Peter J. Miller and Community Development Block Grant Coordinator Leanne Cloutier created a Google Doc and posted it online to give residents access to a comprehensive list of businesses that are currently open during the pandemic.

The list includes the names of each business, their hours of operation, contact information, and other instructions on how they will be operating differently during the outbreak. 

All of the restaurants and food-related businesses listed in the document thus far have moved their operations to take-out only, meaning there will be no in-store dining. This is being done with businesses across the country to limit the amount of human contact and help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

“Me and Peter talked about it in the beginning of the week and decided to create it on Wednesday,” said Cloutier, “Our plan was to create a single form that could be circulated to everyone.”

She said that they were inspired to create the list of open businesses after seeing another nearby town do something similar during the crisis. 

Cloutier also said that few businesses have outright closed their doors so far as the pandemic has unfolded, but just about everyone has made significant adjustments to how they operate. While none have closed, some businesses are now operating on a day-to-day basis, meaning that some businesses that are open one day may choose to shut their doors the next day. 

“I went to Mama Cakes the other day and bought cupcakes for our department,” said Cloutier, “When I had to sign for the debit card they asked me to take the pen with me.”

She said also that everybody in Mama Cakes and next door in Two Rivers Burrito Co. are working with gloves to combat the spread. 

In City Hall, where the Community Development Office is located, visitors are no longer allowed in the building. City employees are still permitted to come to work unless they are sick or are in one of the high risk groups relating to COVID-19.

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