Congamond Lake ice fishing on hold

SOUTHWICK – Typically, a few weeks into the winter season, activities can be seen taking place on the ice covering Congamond Lake. However, due to the frequent temperatures above freezing, there’s been little to no ice on the lake this season.

With open water and very little ice, there hasn’t been much activity on Congamond Lake this winter. (Photo by Greg Fitzpatrick)

“We really don’t have any ice to speak of,” said Lake Management Committee Chairman Dick Grannells. “It’s extremely, extremely hazardous this year.”

According to Grannells, he’s seen the ice start to freeze on some parts of Congamond Lake, but the above freezing nights and warm days has caused the ice to never make it to the shore.

Grannells also pointed out that during this time in the winter season there could sometimes be 30 inches of ice on Congamond Lake.

“We’re just not seeing the persistent cold,” said Grannells.

Southwick Chief of Police Kevin Bishop, who’s also the town’s harbormaster, is also concerned about the lack of ice on Congamond Lake. 

“The Southwick Police Department will never say the Congamond Lake is safe for ice fishing,” said Bishop.

For any questions about the current status of Congamond Lake, contact Grannells at the Department of Public Works at 413-569-6772.

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