COVID infections in Westfield and Southwick remain at pandemic lows

SOUTHWICK- The Town of Southwick reported zero COVID-19 cases last week to keep the pandemic total at 623 cases. 

Public Health Nurse Kate Johnson said that Southwick is back in the low risk category for cities and towns. She said that there had been a single case on June 1, but that it had not yet been officially entered into the total case count, due to a delay in how the Department of Public Health reports cases. That case will be reflected in the next report. 

“Our percent positivity went down quite a bit, but Hampden County is quite a bit lower than we are in this reporting period,” said Johnson. 

She said that the lone case from June 1 was the only case to be detected in Southwick in 10 days. She noted that any infections that came as a result of Memorial Day gatherings would show up in the data in seven to 14 days. 

The City of Westfield reported just six cases for the second week in a row, bringing its pandemic total to 3,091. There were six people in Westfield in isolation with COVID-19 as of June 2. Health Director Joseph Rouse said the six newly confirmed cases and the six people in isolation are different people. Often there can be a delay between when a person is reported as a positive case and when they are officially given instructions for quarantine.

The six new cases will likely be reflected as people in isolation in the report released later this week. 

People in both communities are continuing to get vaccinated, though it is at a much slower pace than had been the case two months ago.

In Westfield, 20,403 residents, or 48 percent of the city’s population, have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. At least 17,126 residents are considered to be fully vaccinated as of June 3. 

In Southwick, 4,801 residents have received at least their first vaccine dose. That is 49 percent of the town’s population. 4,037 residents are fully vaccinated, which equals 41 percent of Southwick’s population. That is an increase from 37 percent of the town’s population the previous week.

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