Southwick CSF collecting phones

SOUTHWICK – For 50 years, the students of Southwick have been the recipients of the Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Southwick (CSF).
CSF President Deb Patryn said the tradition continues because students are still in need, especially post-graduates.
“There really are not a lot of scholarships out there,” Patryn said, who has served as president of the group for four years.
“My two daughters benefited from the scholarship,” said Patryn. “I wanted to give back – it’s a good cause.”
The CSF of Southwick is run by a small group of residents who raise enough money to help 70 students each year.
Patryn said there are 20 perpetual scholarships in memory of the person it is named for, as well as several $500 scholarships.
In order to fund the awards, which totaled $27,000 last year, CSF holds several fundraisers throughout the year. It’s biggest fundraiser is the Mail-a-Thon that takes place in March.
For the first time, CSF is collecting cell phones to raise money this year.  The cell phone drive will take place throughout the month of January.
Patryn said collection boxes will be in the Woodland, Powder Mill and STGRHS offices.
“All types of cell phones are accepted,” she said, adding that “no chargers are needed.”
All information will be deleted from the phones, which will be sent to schools4recyling.
“We will ship all the phones collected and schools4recycling pays us for them,” said Patryn. “We will get anywhere from 50 cents to $100 per phone, depending on the type of phone.”
Any money raised will be used to provide scholarships for Southwick students. Awards are given in May. For further information contact Patryn at 569-2299.

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