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Delaney’s Market reaches out to local bakeries

WESTFIELD-As local businesses continue to reinvent themselves during this pandemic, there are times when they also reach out to other entrepreneurs to supplement their offerings.

“We had to recently layoff our pastry chef,” said Heather Sullivan, manager of Delaney’s Market at 587 East Main St. “We reached out to a couple of bakeries in town to make cupcakes with our label which gives them some exposure but they do know it is temporary.”

The Sweet Aleksandr cupcakes are featured in the market in several flavors including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and sea salt caramel.

“We were looking to fill the void we had with desserts,” said Sullivan, adding, “we are taking baby steps because the hope is it is temporary.”

Gourmet cupcakes are featured at Delaney’s Market in Westfield – made by two bakeries in the city. (DELANEY’S MARKET PHOTO)

Sullivan noted that while business took a “slight dip” in the early stages of the pandemic in the city, she has seen an uptick in business in recent days.

“It’s been a steady climb since the pandemic first started,” said Sullivan. “I think people didn’t expect it to be so long and now we are seeing an uplift with our curbside service.”

Another service that Sullivan said has taken off is its Ding, Dong, Dash! promotion.

“We are using Ding, Dong, Dash! at the other locations too,” said Sullivan. Delaney’s Market stores are also located in Longmeadow and Wilbraham.

“Ding, Dong, Dash! has been phenomenal here,” said Sullivan, noting it allows patrons to have a fun and safe way to offer a surprise meal for friends and family.

“Orders are packaged with a note that can be personalized for your special delivery,” said Sullivan. “You can pick up your order curbside or we can deliver your order if the address is really close to our store.”

Sullivan said part of the fun for her making deliveries of the Ding, Dong, Dash items is running up to the door, ringing the doorbell, and dashing back to her car.

Want to make a random act of kindness to someone special? Delaney’s Market offers a fun and safe way to surprise others with Ding, Dong, Dash packages. (DELANEY’S MARKET PHOTO)

“People who do it themselves for others say they love it too,” said Sullivan.

While most menu items are prepared at The Log Cabin in Holyoke under the direction of chef Mick Corduff, the salads are made daily at each location. A sample menu is available at, as well as weekly specials and special promotions.

“Once the meals are delivered, all customers have to do is reheat and eat,” said Sullivan. 

One way that Delaney’s Market is appealing to younger appetites is with its Lunch Box specials that serve four.

“For kids missing school we wanted to create something kind of cool,” said Sullivan. “The package includes four cheeseburger sliders, chicken nuggets, hot dogs with buns, grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, goldfish, chips, animal crackers and cookies.”

For kids missing school – and school lunches – Delaney’s Market offers a unique Lunch Box that serves four. (DELANEY’S MARKET PHOTO)

While entrees are the cornerstone of the “take and reheat” business, Delaney’s also offers a variety of soups, sides, individual, two-person and family size meals, a selection of wines and craft beers, and grocery products.

Sullivan said she is hopeful about the future of business in the city.

“We will see what the new normal is soon,” said Sullivan.

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