Dickinson School Trust Awards Twelfth Annual Teacher Grants

Pictured left to right:  Elizabeth McCarthy, Gene Theroux and Laura Fitzgerald (Photo submitted)

Pictured left to right: Elizabeth McCarthy, Gene Theroux and Laura Fitzgerald (Photo submitted)

SOUTHWICK – The town of Southwick’s Dickinson School Trust awarded its twelfth annual teacher grants at the December 5th Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District school committee meeting.  Two teachers were awarded grants for the 2016-2017 school year for their proposals that would provide numerous benefits to eighth grade mathematics and special education students.

Receiving the teacher’s grants were eighth grade teachers Elizabeth McCarthy and Laura Fitzgerald of Southwick Regional School.  Elizabeth McCarthy had submitted a proposal for a forty week subscription to a web based learning and assessment system that would supplement the 8th grade mathematics curriculum.  This web based application uses artificial intelligence to determine a student’s level of knowledge for a topic and develops an individualized learning path.  Laura Fitzgerald had submitted a proposal that would help create a computer coding curriculum that would help develop logical thinking skills, capture the interest of a wide range of students by using computer programming to model the understanding of mathematical concepts and to create a foundation for further study of computer programming.

The Dickinson trust is administered by three elected trustees, one of which is elected each year at the annual town election. The Dickinson School Trust in the last several years has been funding teacher’s grants that have brought innovative programs to the schools. The grants have funded programs from elementary school to high school, in English, Social Studies, and Science.  The Dickinson School Trustees are Gene H. Theroux, Dean Rankin, and Kristi Deedy.

To learn more of Richard L. Dickinson and the Dickinson Trust, visit the town of Southwick Dickinson Trust on the town’s website:  http://www.southwickma.org/Public_Documents/SouthwickMA_BComm/dickinson

This article was submitted by the Dickinson School Trustees.

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