Don’t blink

What a long, strange summer it’s been. Except that it actually feels short. How is it Aug. 10 already?

I really thought the “Summer of COVID” would have felt as long as March and April did, but instead I feel the summer is slipping away. As someone who LOVES Fall, I find myself feeling a bit sad that the summer has gone by quickly. So this week, while I am on vacation, I intend to make the best of it, despite some forecasted clouds and rain. I plan to cram in as much family fun as I possibly can.

Last week the Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School Committee approved the reopening plan, which includes a hybrid of remote and in-person learning for my children. It also has a start date of Sept. 15 and a three-week phased-in approach to bringing students back to classrooms. My daughter will not step foot in the school until Sept. 24 and my son will not return until Oct. 1 under the plan. At first this felt like a long time from now, but then I thought about how quickly the summer has passed and I find myself wanting to hang onto these last weeks of having my kids home while I work partly at home and partly in the office.

For all us parents, grandparents and other caregivers who have spent SO much time with our kids, having them return to school – whether it’s in-person or remotely – is a slice of normal that is much needed. There has been a whole lot of togetherness these past few months and we could use a little separation. But I admit I’m a little scared. Scared of the coronavirus and a spike in positives. Scared of the long-term effects it could have if my children contract the virus. Scared of the what-ifs. If I’m being honest, though, I’m also scared of losing this time of togetherness that has also driven me crazy. Scared that time will continue to pass so quickly that I will blink and they will be teenagers and not want to spend this time with me.

So I will take this next week of vacation and the coming weeks before they return to school and remind myself how fast it all goes by and try to slow down and enjoy it. I hope you all do the same.


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