Southwick DPW AC, boiler system fail

SOUTHWICK – The Department of Public Works (DPW) building on College Highway has failed boilers and air conditioning units that Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds John Westcott said could cost nearly $50,000 to remedy.
Westcott said it appears there was a fire that burnt out the boilers, possibly last January.
Upon inspecting the systems, Westcott discovered an even bigger problem, which is also a concern for Fire Chief Richard Anderson.
“The compressor was not wired in,” Westcott said. “We discovered they didn’t install any safety valves or switches going to the boiler – somebody had to wire past it,” he said.
Anderson said there is a major problem with the alarm system, as well, which is why no one knew there was a fire.
DPW Director Jeffrey Neece said when the building was opened last fall, the town had inspected it.
The town’s HVAC contracted service company, B&G, is expected to have an estimate on fixing the problem next week.
Westcott said one of the issues is the air.
“There is approximately 40 square-feet of air going out in the building, but it can only take in eight,” Westcott said.
Town Chief Executive Officer Karl Stinehart suggested an HVAC engineer should also look at the system. Westcott agreed.
“There are design issues,” he said. “I agree with Karl. We need to bring in an engineer.”
The board agreed to have the system inspected by an engineer.
Westcott said the cost of remedying the problems would be close to $50,000.
“It cost us roughly $47,000 to put it in and if we have to pull it out and rebuild the AC units, we’re looking at the same ballpark,” said Westcott.

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