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Elementary libraries applaud long-term volunteers

HUNTINGTON – Both Chester and Littleville Elementary Schools have libraries that are “staffed” by volunteers. Both libraries have long-term, experienced volunteers who also took responsibility for scheduling other parents to come in and work in the libraries, either checking in and reshelving returned books, or working with students and classrooms in checking books out for the week.
Unfortunately, all four of the volunteer leaders are leaving at the end of this school year.
Michele Crane of Blandford coordinated the volunteer program at Chester Elementary School for three years and also for three years before that at Blandford Elementary School. Tracy Main was another long-term volunteer at the school who never missed a Friday since she started volunteering many years ago.
“This will be the last year for these two amazing volunteers as their kids move up to the 5th grade,” said Bill Brown, the District’s Librarian who is posted at the Learning Resource Center for the Middle School, Jr. High and High School. Brown oversees the elementary libraries, as well, but relies on parent and community volunteers to operate them.
Brown also reported that Judy Peloquin and Steve Deslisle have helped run the Littleville Elementary School Library for the past five years. They started running it while their daughter was at school there, but continued volunteering their time even after she moved up to middle school. “This year will be their last year doing this and we are extremely grateful for all of their years of service,” Brown noted.
The loss of four key volunteers is critical to the schools and replacement volunteers are urgently sought. If you are a parent or community member who might be interested in helping continue the great volunteer tradition that has kept the elementary libraries operating, please contact Bill Brown, Gateway’s Librarian by emailing [email protected] or calling (413) 685-1106. The June 18 edition of Breaking News will have links to library volunteer applications.

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