Finding a smile in an unexpected place

How y’all doing?

What’s getting you through this pandemic? For me, spending more time with my kids and husband and having a job that I can work from home, along with a boss who cares and co-workers who support each other remotely, have helped.

But something very unexpected is also helping – Leslie Jordan.

In case you don’t know Leslie Jordan by name, you may know him by sight or even just the sound of his voice.

Leslie is an actor and someone I now follow on social media, along with millions of people around the world — 47 million, actually. Leslie is not a man I would immediately think of when someone talks about a social media influencer. The 65 year-old gay white man has had a long career. His roles on “Will & Grace,” “Murphy Brown” and “Reba” often stole the show, but he wasn’t a household name until COVID-19.

He started posting videos out of boredom. He wondered what his fellow “Hunker Downers” were up to and shared his thoughts in his southern drawl with anyone who would watch and listen. And those numbers skyrocketed as his videos were shared over and over.

From his pandemic anecdotes to his dances that are pure joy to watch, Leslie Jordan has brought smiles to millions throughout the coronavirus pandemic, including me.

My daily dose of Leslie make me chuckle. Sometimes I guffaw. I have even shed a tear or two from laughing. Mostly though, he just makes me feel happy for a few seconds and reminds me not to take everything seriously at a time when being serious means the safety of my family.

So, if you have not seen Leslie Jordan’s positive and whimsical videos, run to his Instagram page and check it out. I hope you, too, will smile and remember not to take everything so seriously. So long for now, fellow Hunker Downers.


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