Fire Chief reminds community about removing Christmas trees from homes

SOUTHWICK – With Christmas just passing, that also usually means that homeowners will remove their Christmas trees from their homes. Southwick Fire Chief Russ Anderson wants to remind the community that leaving their trees in their residence for too long can potentially become a fire hazard.

“We would encourage people to remove their Christmas trees as soon as possible as they start to dry out,” said Anderson.

Although there weren’t any tree-related fires last year, before Anderson joined the department and became the chief in 2016, he was told that there was a fire two years ago in a home near Congamond Lake that was due to a tree drying up.

Southwick Fire Chief Russ Anderson. (WNG File Photo)

Anderson went on to say that every tree reacts a little differently as some may stay green while others will tend to have their needles drop a lot more. Some Christmas trees are also over a month old since they were cut down and could cause them to dry and eventually catch fire.

While removing the trees is a concern for Anderson, he also pointed out the importance of people being cautious of candle safety.

“Use extra caution when using real candles,” said Anderson.

The fire chief also recommended that Southwick residents use battery operated candles as they are much safer, but if people choose to use real candles, to make sure they’re never unattended and out of reach from small children and pets.

For any questions or comments about Christmas tree or candle safety, contact the Southwick Fire Department at 413-569-6363. The Massachusetts Department of Fire Safety also has their own tips and press releases that interested individuals can look into on their website.

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