Fox announces re-election bid

SOUTHWICK – Russell S. Fox, chairman of the Southwick Select Board, is seeking re-election.

Fox, a lifelong resident of Southwick, has served on the Board for 17 years. He began serving the town after graduating from Babson College where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.

Fox has been a member of the Finance Committee, Economic Development Committee, Board of Assessors, and Board of Selectmen.

Fox also volunteers at the Southwick Recreation Center, serving on its board of directors as vice president.

For Fox, giving back to his community is not just second nature, it’s almost first nature.


“Our parents taught is the importance of community involvement,” said Fox. “It’s your community and you should always be working to protect and improve the quality of life of it. This can be done in many ways – elected, appointed, civic groups, volunteering or just voting and attending town meetings.”

Fox works with his brothers in their family-owned business of Fox Farms and The Southwick Florist. He said he knows Southwick and would continue to draw on his experience if re-elected.

“Having served my community for many years, I believe my experience and education will benefit the people of Southwick as we address the needs of the Town during these extremely difficult times,” he said. “As a local small business owner and taxpayer, I can empathize with concerns the residents of our community are facing on a daily basis.”

Fox promises hard work on behalf of residents and businesses.

“I will continue to work hard to provide the necessary services Southwick needs, with appreciation to financial matters,” he said. “I am a strong believer that the people of Southwick should expect dedication and accountability from its local leaders.”

Fox has been happily married for 21 years in July and enjoys spending time with his three children, two grandchildren, and family dog.

Southwick town elections are June 9 from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. at Town Hall.

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