Trees are ‘living legacy’ of city’s birthday

Students at Franklin Avenue Elementary School help plant trees donated by the Westfield 350 Committee. (Photo submitted)

WESTFIELD – Although the city’s birthday cake is gone and the parade is over, the Westfield 350 Committee is continuing the celebration of Westfield’s anniversary with the planting of commemorative trees.

Westfield 350 President Harry Rock, Westfield Technical Academy Horticulture Technology Program Instructor Nate Sperry and Scott Hathaway from Westfield Parks and Recreation collaborated to plant trees at every school in the city.

“The trees have been purchased by the Westfield 350 Committee as a living legacy gift to the children of the city who will hopefully come back to view the tree in 50 years as part of the 400th birthday anniversary of the city and share with their own children that they helped plant and care for that tree,” said Rock. “I can think of no better gift to the children of the city than a living tree which is such a symbolic icon of the environment and the importance of trying to ensure that we are leaving a healthy planet to our children.”

The Sweet Gum and White Oak trees are being planted over a two-week period. Planting took place Oct. 23 at Southampton Road, Franklin Avenue and Munger Hill elementary schools, which tied the tree planting into STEM Week.

Superintendent Stefan Czaporowski said students at each of these schools will be responsible for watering the trees.

“This is awesome,” Czaporowski said, noting that WTA students picked up and delivered the trees.

“The students are also planting them,” he said. “At Munger, every student in Mrs. Adams’s class got to throw at least one shovel full of dirt to refill the hole.”

Rock said WTA Horticulture Technology students and Parks & Recreation Department are taking the responsibility of the digging of the holes and planting of the trees along with students from each school. Manufacturing Technology students at WTA will be creating commemorative plaques to be placed with the trees at each school.

“I can’t thank Harry Rock and the 350th Committee enough for this wonderful donation,” said Czaporowski. “This is such a great learning opportunity for our students. It is our hope that 50 years from now, at the 400th celebration, that our students will come back to recognize their efforts.”




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