Governor Baker supports Humason’s mayoral bid

State Sen. Donald F. Humason, Jr., candidate for Westfield mayor, introduces Gov. Charlie Baker at his rally at East Mountain Country club Oct. 23. (Photo by Amy Porter)

WESTFIELD – Gov. Charlie Baker showed his support for state Sen. Donald F. Humason, Jr.’s campaign for Westfield mayor at a rally at the East Mountain Country Club Oct. 23, joining him following his own event in Springfield. Baker said when he saw both were on the same night, he called and said he would love to have the chance to speak on Don’s behalf.
Humason said he and Baker go back to the days when he served in the House of Representatives. Introducing Baker, he said he doesn’t always agree with the governor, and he’s sure that the governor doesn’t always agree with his votes.
“That would be true, especially when you vote to override my veto,” Baker said.
“That would be when I have earmarks for Westfield,” Humason shot back.
Baker then took the podium to talk about his friend. “This is a guy who always shows up, since he was first elected; who is always there for people. Here he is, running this time for all intents and purposes to come back home to serve the community we all know he loves more than any other.”
Baker said both he and Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito served as selectmen in their communities, and talked about local office requiring the ability to build bridges, both figuratively and literally. Baker said Humason would “advocate like heck with people like me.”

Supporters cheer mayoral candidate state Sen. Donald F. Humason, Jr. Humason at a campaign rally Oct. 23. (Photo by Amy Porter)

He also talked about the historically low turnout for local elections, making each vote count more. “He’s been showing up for you the better part of 20 years. Let’s get him elected,” Baker said to the gathering.
Following the meeting, when asked whether he had endorsed a candidate for mayor before, Baker said he has endorsed several mayors. He said both he and Polito had started in local government, and think it’s important.
“For both of us, we think the guy would be just a terrific leader for this community,” Baker said.
Baker also said he wasn’t worried about losing one of a handful of Republican seats in the Senate. “You can’t make these decisions on what might happen. There are several folks who would make terrific candidates for Don’s seat, if he wins,” he said.

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