New COVID-19 reporting page for city has more data

WESTFIELD- The Westfield Health Department unveiled a new look to its COVID-19 reporting page which will now provide more data to the general public on the local infection numbers. 

The new reporting system will provide information on the number of daily new cases, deaths, and active cases for the current reporting period and the previous reporting period. Previously, the Health Department only updated the total number of new cases and the number of deaths for a single reporting period. 

As the new web page was unveiled, Westfield reported 10 new cases over the previous week, bringing the total number to 492 as of Friday, July 31. The infection rate remains low, but numbers in the state have been slightly elevated in the past week, with several days in which the positive test rate was over 2 percent for the first time in months. 

On Friday there were eight active cases in Westfield. 

In Southwick there were just three new COVID-19 cases last week, bringing the total to 66. Just two of the cases in the town were active as of Friday according to Health Director Tammy Spencer.

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