Hello Ward 3 and Westfield

I am still working on my concerns for the Whitney Park area.  With greater attention being given to charcoal fires I have found fewer of them, but once the Council is back I need a real clarification on allowing them in a few parks so as to reduce the danger.  As for the stair down the levee to the play area…a lot of run around, as expected but a lot of support too.  Hopefully, I can get that developed in a month or so.  And, as pointed out by a lot of lifelong Westfield people it takes forever to get things done.

I want to give a Print Out (printed version of a shout out) to a few folks.  I did something dumb a couple of weeks ago.  I lost my keys while walking Ollie at Allen Park and the Municipal Park.  Teach me to no have spares.  Anyway…that was a Friday.  I searched everywhere and checked with the staff at the water park, and with Westfield Technical Academy (WTA) where I had walked to no avail so my car was stuck in the Grandmother’s Garden lot.  I notified the police, or course.  But, this did have a good side.  Sunday night one of the families (Joe and Beth Ann Renaudette) whose home abuts the Garden, came over to check on me, noting my car was there for 3 days; they were concerned and wanted to know if I was OK.  We know each other from chats and visa vie their kids who ae fantastic.  And so too the parenting practices, and I have complemented a number of times.  But, we are not really friends in the usual sense; so it was heartwarming to know they cared.  In the cynical times in which we live, that was really heartwarming.   As well, Monday, I went to check at WTA if they were found.  Mr. Peter Taloumis, an administrator, and with the encouragement of the Principal, Mr. Joseph Langone helped break into my car so I could get things I need.  And, low and behold, there were my keys tucked between the seat and the door, mostly under the seat.  No wonder I could not see them in the car all times I looked.  So, again here is more Human decency that was unexpected, and more than appreciated.  So for all the cynics out there: if you look for bad you will find it, but there are good people out there who unexpectedly will go out of their way to do something simple but very meaningful.  Then, this is a 3-for, I want to thank whoever left me the note, on my car, at the Stop and Shop parking lot letting me know one of my tires was going flat.  Another good person you cynics.  So lighten up you have been the privilege of life don’t waste it with anger and contempt; find the good, and appreciate it: count your blessings, not the negatives.  That will help you to find a positive way through the hard times. 

Lastly I want to congratulate Superintendent Czaporowski for your FAA certification and for the Pavilion opening and being used.  That is more than a good job, but a great job, well done by you and all of your team!   Positive steps forward.  All of you should be celebrated once you get caught up adapting to your new and well-earned job. 

Oh, a second lastly, sorry, as mentioned before, I am working on putting together a non-political party, The Independent Centrist Voter Network, Inc., but hit a snag: I need help managing Facebook, where I literally have a couple of hundred people interested in it to contact.  But, until then, my focus will be on the Presidential campaign, with some fact finding that some might be able to use in their decision making process.  Please contact me at: [email protected].  Brian Hoose

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