High school, preschool, partner for STEM week

Westfield High School Senior Sophie Lewis helps William, 3, trace a leaf at the sensory table. (Photo by Amy Porter)

WESTFIELD- Seniors from Westfield High School AP Environmental Science teacher Jen Levesque’s class put together interactive tables for 3 and 4-year olds at Fort Meadow Early Childhood Center as part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Math) Week Oct. 24.

Fort Meadow Principal Joanne Hentnick said she was impressed. “The high school kids made the activities themselves, all age appropriate to their developmental level, and they all included hands-on activities,” Hentnick said.

Tyler Champaign, Patrick Martell and Reid Hannan talk to Willow, 3, and Fort Meadow Principal Joanne Hentnick about cloud formation. (Photo by Amy Porter)

“What really impressed me, too, was that not only my kids were engaged and involved; every single high school student was engaged as well,” she added.

Sophie Lewis and Sam Kaubris put together the sensory table, which had leaves, acorns, a cut-open squash with seeds and many other items found in nature for the children to touch and learn about. The seniors also helped the children to outline leaves with fall-colored crayons.


Patrick Martell demonstrates a cloud in a bottle. (Photo by Amy Porter)


Tyler Champagne, Patrick Martell and Reid Hannan used a bicycle pump to add pressure to liquid to create a cloud in a bottle science experiment. Before making the cloud, they spoke to the children about how clouds are formed.

“The last round of kids had another kid come back and ask me to do it again,” said Martell.

At the race to recycle, organized by Erika Matu and Imma Kayzakian, the children raced to put newspaper and plastic bottles in recycling bins.

Erika Mata and Imma Kayzakian root on the children to gather bottles for the race to recycle. (Photo by Amy Porter)

“It’s a lot of fun,” said Kayzakian.

“They’re super energetic, so we don’t get bored,” added Matu.

Maggie Philpott and Victoria Nesmelolva helped the three-year olds make leaf people. After arranging the leaves on paper, and adding goggly eyes and cotton noses, they covered the paper with a large plastic sticker to keep the leaf people in place.

Jess Miller and Alexis Madsen helped the children to decorate spring and fall trees, applying green leaves and fall colors with corks in paint.

Maggie Philpott helps a class make leaf people as Remington, 3, waits for her turn. (Photo by Amy Porter)


“They’re doing such a great job,” said retired principal Dottie O’Neill. “The high school kids did a fabulous job, and the Fort Meadow kids are doing a great job. They’re having a great time,” she said.

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